Teres’s Golden Mask

Golden Mask of Teres

Picture: Nikola Nikolov The Svatza pile, situated in the town of Shipka, was examined in 2004 by the exploration of Georgi Kitov. The most exceptional locate is the gold postmortem mask; besides it, the searchings for consisted of a gold ring, a huge two-piece bronze shield, which was supplemented with iron items – collar, sleeves, stomach guards; 2 iron swords, 2 iron suggestions of spears, 144 bronze pointers of arrowheads, 2 ceramic amphorae that were most likely filled up with red wine, 2 red-shaped attic room flower holders, a silver mug with 2 upright ones, bronze hydria. The uncovered discovers day back to the 2nd fifty percent of the Fifth century BC, and also the interment most likely took area in the last quarter of the century.

She represents the face of a bearded guy with customized functions and also shut eyes. The ring has a rectangle-shaped sample as well as a semi-ellipse form confined by the elliptical machine floor tile, the face of which is embossed with a deeply printed photo of a nude young head-man in an account and also lavish curly hair. The photo is amongst one of the most reasonable in Thrace and also just with a comparable story amongst the 15 renowned gold rings – stamps.

The gold mask is the initial gold mask discovered in a funeral service in the main components of Thrace and also is a lot later the day of comparable funeral masks located in various other locations of the Balkan Peninsula.