The Golden Treasure of Panagyurishte

Panagyurishte Gold Treasure

The telegraph was sent out to Teacher Dimitar P, Dimitrov at the National Archaeological Gallery, Sofia, the Doyen of Ancient Archeology in Bulgaria and also the Archeological Gallery in Plovdiv.

Because of the events of this day parties of Bulgarian trainees, the telegram to Sofia has no response. After being showed in the display of the fabric manufacturing facility in the city, the night was confiscated in the financial institution risk-free.

The treasure was found inadvertently on December 8, 1949. Dr. Petar Gorbanov, manager at the community gallery, was welcomed. Grad of archeology at the College of Vienna, he initially explained the discover as a special antique prize from the Fourth century BC.

The following day, the immediate supervisor of the Plovdiv Gallery, Dr. Petar Tsonchev, brought the prize with the guard as well as was detailed in the supply of the gallery. At the opening of the National Gallery of Background in Sofia, the Panagyurishte gold treasure was consisted of in the long-term exhibit of the gallery in 1984, originally in the structure of the Court of Justice, as well as in 2000 in the previous Home No. 1 of the Boyana Home.